The Chairs photo on Stagedoor
The Chairs photo on Stagedoor

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I have a message. A struggle, a mission. Something deep in my guts, a message to share with humanity

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Sat 5 Feb - Sat 5 Mar 2022 2.30pm & 7.30pm

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A trio of physical theatre legends--Kathryn Hunter, Marcello Magni and Toby Sedgwick-- star in Omar Elerian’s revival of Eugene Ionesco’s absurdist comic-tragedy about an elderly couple living in a tall tower quite alone, but who talk about the people they have known and start to add empty chairs for these unseen characters. The play was written in 1952 after the tragedy of WW2 but I hope and suspect that this revival will seem extraordinarily contemporary, speaking to our own siloed and ivory tower mindset even as humanity stares the galloping catastrophes of its own making in the face.

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The water is rising. The world outside is crumbling. Alone in a room, an old man and an old woman set out chairs ready for the arrival of a very special audience. They’ve invited everyone. The dancers, the chancers, the editors, the creditors, the picketers, the hecklers, the Leavers, the Remainers, the Remoaners. Even the bankers. All the movers and shakers are gathering to hear the old man’s final message to humanity. But will the message ever be delivered? Translated, adapted, and directed by Omar Elerian (Misty), exhilarating new version of Eugène Ionesco’s tragic farce reflects on a life lived together: on what has been, what might have been, and what it all really means. The cast features, Olivier Award-winner Kathryn Hunter, "one of the greatest stage actors alive" (Vanity Fair), Marcello Magni, co-founder of pioneering theatre company Complicité, and Olivier Award-winning choreographer and performer Toby Sedgwick.