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Gate Theatre: The Unknown Island photo on Stagedoor

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There is a touch of Jackanory for grown-ups about this adaptation of Jose Saramago’s story about an explorer in search of a new world. But there is nothing in the slightest bit infantile and part of its appeal, besides Ellen McDougall’s glorious staging that recognizes that even theatrical dreamers need real bread and wine, is its openness to interpretation. This is a very smart show which turns all of us watching into a community with a brilliant ensemble - Jon Foster, Hannah Ringham, Thalissa Teixeira and Zubin Varla who share out the storytelling and the parts in this brief hour that tosses us on the waves of the imagination and contemplate a different future.

About Gate Theatre: The Unknown Island

What is this unknown island you want to go in search of? If I could tell you that, it wouldn’t be unknown. You want to go in search of an unknown island. Because somewhere out there, there must be something else. Because you want to find out who you are when you are there. The Unknown Island is a beautiful, inventive and rebellious adventure story about dreaming of the impossible and trying to cross the vast distances between ourselves and each other. Based on Nobel prize-winning novelist Jose Saramago’s short story, The Tale of the Unknown Island, adapted for the stage by Ellen McDougall and Clare Slater. Age Recommendation: Suitable for all ages.