Hairy Hands FM photo on Stagedoor
Hairy Hands FM photo on Stagedoor
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About Hairy Hands FM

Bringing the legendary Hairy Hands of Dartmoor to the smartphone in your hands, Chronic Insanity’s new audio adventure guides audiences on a treacherous journey, full of terrifying tales and fantastical folklore. Since first sighted in the 1920s,mysterious ‘Hairy Hands’ havebeen blamed by motorists for numerous road accidents in Devonwith drivers claiming a pair of hands has seized control of the steering wheel. Requiring just a smartphone and a pair of headphones, Chronic Insanity’s Hairy Hands FM brings these spookysightingsto life through intricate,unnervingbinauralsound designwithonly a radio host for guidance to help defeat the mythical monster Age: 16 +