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WHERE DO WE GO NEXT? photo on Stagedoor
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These pieces are about the complexities of class, race, gender, and rural isolation when struggling to get your voice heard in public life, in the community, as an artist. Where do we go next? was a question provoked by the closure of an affordable accessible space as a home for these voices. It asked if these smaller but vital community spaces continue to close nationwide then where would we go next to find this support? We could never have anticipated that we would be be presenting this work in the current unprecedented global situation amid a public health crisis. We could never have anticipated that not just the Bunker but that all theatres would be closed. Like many teams of artists and collaborators across the culture sector we have been grappling with what should we do next? How should we do it? Is it the right time to put work out for audiences? One thing that does feel clear is that this question is now one that concerns all of us and so we’re putting this out in good faith in the hope that by talking about and sharing ideas, in whatever form they might take, we can come together as a community to support each through the weeks and months ahead.