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A new Bush Theatre commission by Margaret Perry

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Fri 2 Dec 2022 - Sat 21 Jan 2023 2.30pm & 7.30pm Captioned: 15 Dec, 7.30pm 7 Jan, 2.30pm Relaxed & Sensory Adapted: 17 Dec, 2.30pm 12 Jan, 7.30pm Audio Described: 22 Dec, 7.30pm 14 Jan, 2.30pm Touch Tour: 22 Dec, 6.30pm 14 Jan, 1.30pm

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The Bush previously hosted Collapsible, Margaret Perry’s clever play about a young Irish woman left stranded and isolated by anxiety. Now Perry teams up with director Jaz Woodcock-Stewart (of Civilisation fame) with this all-female commission about a woman who starts to achieve her ambitions when she starts selling essential oils for a company called Paradise, that's full of women just like her. She’s going to make a killing, but as she rises to the top of the company, she realises that not everything smells as sweet as she thought it would.

About Paradise Now!

Ready to change your life? Start your journey to greatness and join the biggest pack of girlbosses and SHE-ros you’ll ever meet with Paradise! Gabriel’s been low lately. To be honest, she’s been low since the 80s. Her sister Baby works two jobs to support them. That’s how it is. How it’s always been. Gabriel’s never been up to much, that’s what everyone says. But what if there is someone who believes in her? A whole community of women to lift her up towards the life she’s always wanted? Paradise Now! is the brand new play by Margaret Perry (Collapsible) about ambition, exploitation, and kinship in a world that wants to keep us strangers. Age Recommendation: 14+

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Paradise Now! is an exciting new play about ambition, exploitation and the search for connection. Explore the world of Paradise, the multi-level marketing opportunity of your dreams. But beware that as you soar through the ranks, a wrong step could send you crashing back down to earth… Paradise Now! tells the story of Gabriel Dolan, a young woman looking to make something of herself, drawn in by the irresistible promise of success and sisterhood.

Paradise Now! is a new commission by Bush Theatre from playwright Margaret Perry. It’s set to be one of the most exciting additions to London’s theatre scene when it arrives this winter, but with only a limited window of performances from 2 December to 21 January 2023, tickets are sure to be in high demand. Book your Paradise Now! tickets today.

Paradise Now! play

“It doesn’t happen all the time. That you really connect with someone. It’s rare to meet someone like you.”

Paradise Now! is a story of ambition, exploitation and connection. Gabriel Dolan isn’t what you’d describe as a high achiever. But when she meets Alex, a young woman who has carved a successful career selling essential oils in a multi-level marketing company, her outlook changes. The company Alex works for is called Paradise, and it seems like a dream. The floral-scented world pulls Gabriel in and, very quickly, she’s hooked.

Every woman working in Paradise has the rare opportunity to be her own boss, to make her own way and earn her own fortunes. Embraced into a community of woman, Gabriel enjoys the close sisterhood and promise of support, but she’s on a trajectory. She’s rising fast, and she’s headed for the top. However, when she gets there, it isn’t exactly how she imagined it.
Paradise Now! tells the story of six women pulled in by a multi-level marketing scheme with wit and heart. Book your Paradise Now! tickets today to avoid missing out.

Paradise Now! Bush Theatre

Paradise Now! is a new Bush Theatre commission by playwright Margaret Perry. Established in 1972 as a place for new writers to showcase their work and national and international tours to find a new audience, Bush Theatre still keeps that legacy going in Shepherd’s Bush, London. Over the years Bush Theatre has premiered hundreds of shows and launched many successful playwrighting careers, many of whom have gone on to be big names in the industry. Today, they are still focused on launching new writers and platforming new works, providing a stage for some of the most exciting new theatre around.

Paradise Now! cast and creatives

Paradise Now! is written by Cork-based playwright Margaret Perry, whose play Collapsible previously debuted at Bush Theatre. Perry is also currently a writer on attachment at the RSC. Paradise Now! is directed by Jaz Woodcock-Stewart with design by Rosie Elnile. The all-female ensemble cast is comprised of: Carmel Winters, Rakhee Thakrar, Ayoola Smart, Shazia Nicholls, Michele Moran and Annabel Baldwin.

Paradise Now! tickets

Paradise Now! will play a limited run at Bush Theatre from 2 December to 31 January. Don’t miss out on this exciting piece of new theatre – book your tickets today with Stagedoor.