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Top 10 Most Anticipated Shows of the Camden Fringe

Top 10 Most Anticipated Shows of the Camden Fringe

Top 10 Most Anticipated Shows of the Camden Fringe cover photo on Stagedoor
The sun is shining and it’s festival time across the country! Kicking off in North London this week is the raucous & fabulous Camden Fringe Festival.

With so many shows to choose from, it can be hard to know what to see. To help you get started, we’ve created this shortlist of the ten shows that our users are already buzzing about!

So without further ado, here’s the Top 10 Most Anticipated shows of the Camden Fringe, according the Stagedoor community:

1. Belamour (Fri 19 Aug – Thu 25 Aug)

This explosive new multilingual show unfolds like a piece of urban poetry, uncompromising, funny, telling a story that celebrates the human spirit.

Written and performed by French-Algerian actor, Ewens Abid, and directed by Zois Pigadas (Moormaid at the Arcola) Belamour is a new comi-tragic one man show about a man discovering that he has Multiple Sclerosis - and the conflict between loyalty to family and love for an outsider.

2. The Cardboard Kitchen Project (Mon 19 Aug - Tue 20 Aug)

Jennie recently moved to London, inheriting a strange cardboard kitchen from distant relatives. She uses it as an opportunity to learn more about her family, until she encounters an unwanted stain she can’t quite get off the walls.

This cross-cultural one-woman play is a first by Singapore company FK Co-Lab.

3. Holy Land (Fri 2 Aug – Sat 3 Aug)

Jon finds something online. Something personal. Something he didn’t want to see. A haunting image, which has slipped through the filters. Delete it.

But this is the internet. Nothing can be deleted forever.

Welcome to Holy Land: an odyssey fusing multimedia and vivid storytelling to explore the darkest corners of the internet.

4. Tethered (Mon 12 Aug – Tue 13 Aug)

Thrown into tragic disability, Alice’s future career in dancing and relationship with her fiance are in disarray. As movement is so core to her identity, Alice attempts to liberate herself through Virtual Reality.

In Tethered, cross between the physical and virtual through a combination of realism, movement, puppetry and live music.

5. CAMP (Wed 21 Aug – Sat 24 Aug)

Do you have what it takes to get your GAY-CARD?

Join Felix, Becky, and Mary as they attempt to learn what we were never taught; same-sex-sex-ed, voguing & queer history.

6. Naked People Waking Up (Mon 29 Jul – Tue 30 Jul)

Four strangers wake up in a room with nothing but their underwear on and no idea how they got there. With nothing but time to kill, they begin to unpick why they’re there, and what they have to do to get out.

7. Form (Mon 19 Aug – Wed 21 Aug)

Multi-award winning theatre company Rendered Retina bring you Form, a non-verbal, physical and highly comedic journey of escape, with 20,000 paper balls that’s “Pure clowning gold” (The Scotsman)

Best Show at Paris Fringe 2018. Winner of the Les Enfants Terribles Award 2017.

8. Class (Mon 29 Jul – Sat 3 Aug)

Have you ever felt that your social class has hindered you from an opportunity? Or been stereotyped due to your accent?

In Class you will hear stories from working class people from all ages and ethnicity, using the honest responses of people interviewed about social class and what they think their identity is. If you like humour and documentary theatre, then you will love Class.

9. When It Happens (Tues 30 Jul – Sat 3 Aug)

‘This was an awakening. This was a revolution. This was like eating three Berocca with no water and letting them bubble inside you.’

A surreal and outrageous comedy following the lives of three women on what they thought would be a normal day of micro-aggressions and self-doubt. Then it happens… At 2.16pm, a strange phenomenon occurs and each woman experiences a transformation, breaking free from the roles they’ve been forced to play and starting a rebellion against everything and everyone who put them there in the first place.

10. Sailing (Thu 1 Aug – Fri 2 Aug)

Written and performed by Bandeira, this play explores the differences in cultural attitudes towards dating by transporting its audience away from liberal London and into the coastal villages of Portugal: where one might be judged according to more conservative standards…

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