Chav photo on Stagedoor
Chav photo on Stagedoor

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A neon, grey, diamante and hard-hitting autobiographical journey, which playfully explores and comments on working-class female identity, and how we both lose and reclaim ourselves through our lived experience of class.

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Sat 28 Apr, 9pm

About Chav

Kelly is sick and tired of being told that now she is a PhD student she no longer reads as working class. She has learnt to talk the talk and walk the walk of class drag for middle-class people and spaces, to be heard and to be seen. No one takes a CHAV seriously. Class is a lot more than an education. Class is not cultural capital. Class is a lived experience. Class is an identity. But on a night out, Kelly can be her true classy self: a dancing, foul-mouthed, garage girl from Kilburn.