Composed photo on Stagedoor
Composed photo on Stagedoor

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Composed (work in progress) examines the role of the master of ceremonies – a figure that guides the audience before, between, or after the acts.

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Thu 22 Mar, 9pm

About Composed

Rosa uses the MC to consider the relationship between a spokesman (sic) and their institution. This project of self-reflection and industry critique deals with apologetic addresses, revved-up entrepreneurial spiel and whether or not you’re asking for it. Through subversive humour, Rosa points towards our expectations of the MC and plays with what happens when the composition cracks. Composed is based on a series of cabaret acts made over the last two years: The Announcement (NewBridge Project), Without Whom We Would Not Be Here Tonight (Anatomy Cabaret, AWE, Write It: Mic It, Not My President’s Day), Warm Up Act (PUG Party at GIFT Festival, First Bowie, Now This!, Nasty Women International Conference) and I can see you (PUG#4). Each act responds to the theatre space and grapples with ritualisation of certain behaviours.