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Magic Drop / Voda je život photo on Stagedoor
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Sat 16 Nov, 12pm

About Magic Drop / Voda je život

Oskar is an award-winning scholar, saviour of mankind and a water expert who lives and works in the year 2119: water is completely polluted and the balance has been disturbed, numerous plants and animal species have disappeared, and everything is dehydrated. Oskar’s wicked brother Otto deceives him and sends him back a hundred years, into the year 2019. Otto makes use of the catastrophic status of water, restricts access to the scarce remaining sources of drinking water, sells ARTIFICIAL WATER and leads the world towards a disaster. Is Oscar going to be able to manage in 2019 with the help of his associates and find the solutions to the disastrous problems in the Earth’s future? In an interesting and modern way, the play teaches its young audience about the importance of water in our lives, about the impact of human activities on the pollution and consumption of water, emphasising the need to preserve balance on the Earth by taking care of the environment and protecting water. Having in mind the children’s age, the play is made attractive with the help of modern technology, multimedia and special video effects, at the same time illustrating the futuristic component of the project. The thing is that, even though the main problem happens in the future, the solution lies in the past and in the present. The show is performed partly in Croatian and partly in English. In association with Stage Inn.