Sarah photo on Stagedoor
Sarah photo on Stagedoor

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Mon 9 Mar, 7.15pm

About Sarah

Three performers map out a surreal source of employment that exists for women on the internet. Websites that are marketed as arenas for ‘adult’ dating, employ women to adopt bot created fake profiles and ‘chat’ to male subscribers. Real women pretend to be fake women, so that real men continue to pay a monthly subscription. In ‘Sarah’ we attempt to make a fake woman real. Inspired by the work of David Lynch, Frances Stark and Fritz Lang, this piece deploys the bare tools of the theatre to lead the audience in and out of different ‘bubbles’ of experience. Since 2017, after an initial interest in this performative and curious element of ‘adult’ online dating, a world in which members of the company have direct experience, we collaborated to devise material based on our responses to how perceptions of the ‘real’ are challenged in this world. This is the piece’s second work in progress performance.