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A hilarious, heart-breaking and uplifting show about friendship and loneliness that asks why history is always told by the boys?

When Did You Stop Dancing? photo on Stagedoor
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Wed 13 Nov - Sat 16 Nov, 7.15pm

About When Did You Stop Dancing?

A storytelling, live art, theatre mashup that tells the true story of The Dancing Plague intermingled with autobiographical material from Rach McBride that asks when did she, and when did you stop dancing? Told with pop culture references, shoe puppetry, tenderness, tenacity and truly terrible jokes it’s a story of when 500 years ago, one woman danced alone in the streets. And how that became hundreds. And they didn’t stop…. A beautifully bold and brave performance with perfectly pitched movement that explores female solidarity, what it costs to take a stand. And to stand together? And how do you find your groove again when just the idea of putting one foot in front of the other feels like walking through tar? Don’t miss what audiences have been calling ‘Bold and Uplifting’, ‘Inspiring and Emotional’, ‘Something Quite Wonderful’, ‘Extraordinarily moving, funny, sad, witty and resonant’ and ‘A show that EVERYONE should see.’ A heartfelt & humorous piece with an utterly captivating performance that intimately explores our relationship with movement and joy in context to our current mental health climate. You’ll love every step. And it might help you to find a skip back in yours.