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Zugunruhe (zoo-gun-rue): an ornithology term for ‘migratory restlessness in birds’.

Zugunruhe photo on Stagedoor
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Tue 23 Oct - Wed 24 Oct, 7.15pm

About Zugunruhe

This show explores the incredible flight of a marsh warbler, the world’s only bird whose song echoes its migration route. Body-compasses, magnetic fields, African sunsets, star-chasing, storm-riding, homing… Zugunruhe offers a wild, fresh look at migration. Rehearsing among birds in the wetlands of Somerset, performer Tom Bailey creates a feast of bird behaviour alongside a digital sound map of the marsh warbler’s journey, made by composer Rowan Evans. Developed in residence at UCL Migration Research Unit. Supported by The Leverhulme Trust, Arts Council England and Red Brick Building.