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Contemporary Drama

Contemporary Drama shows in London

21st century writing for 21st century audiences

Contemporary Drama

Find fantastic contemporary plays in London. From love stories and family dramas to side-splitting comedies and brave new worlds, discover all the new plays London has to offer. You’ll never be short of contemporary drama in the capital, or of dazzling theatres in which to experience it. Have a hunt for your favourite new play. Who knows? You could be sat watching it as soon as this evening.

New plays in London

Looking for something to do? London theatre plays are a great source of entertainment in the city. London has always been known for its fantastic theatre scene – from the star-studded stages of the West End, with actors like Jodie Comer, Amy Adams and David Tennant, to passionate local venues still attracting the stars, such as Miriam Margolyes and Ian McKellen at Park Theatre, there’s endless new plays to discover.

Contemporary drama is thriving in London and there truly is something for everyone.
With the very best directors, playwrights and actors flocking to and working in the city, you can expect to find fantastic entertainment at every turn. Whether it’s a much-awarded Broadway transfer, an adaptation of a beloved work of literature, or a brand new piece conceptualised and created right here in one of our beautiful theatres, we’ve got all the best theatre plays London is cooking up.

Every season, new drama hits our London stages and new audience favourites are unearthed. Join the hunt for theatre gold and stay on top of all the best new productions coming to the London theatre scene. You might just get to witness something truly special.

What is contemporary drama?

Contemporary plays that we see on our stages today are concerned with speaking to current audiences about the world they live in and the issues that surround them. Whilst all theatre seeks to connect the watcher to the action on stage, contemporary drama tends to be the most immediate, most exciting of them all. These contemporary plays want us to connect with the drama onstage and reflect on it after we leave.

That’s not to say that classic pieces of theatre can’t help us reflect on ourselves and the world around us, and it’s definitely not to imply that those works are any less valuable. But what makes contemporary drama so appealing is that it is created directly for us rather than our ancestors, and it seeks to provide us with something new and exciting, even when telling a story we have heard before.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, then be sure to check out one – or more – of the many new plays London hosts every seasons. London theatre plays are some of the most dazzling, demanding and all-around impressive in the world. With so much fantastic theatre right on our doorsteps, there’s no reason not to make the most of it.

Theatre plays London tickets

Explore endless possibilities with contemporary drama in London. From intimate one-man shows to the next blockbuster production that everyone’s talking about, there’s always something unmissable coming to a London stage. Don’t be left wishing you’d caught it before it moved on. Find your perfect contemporary drama ticket now.