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Fringe Theatre

Fringe Theatre shows in London

Small-scale productions from upcoming, indie & alternative artists

Fringe theatre London

Looking for something off the beaten path? Keen to expand your horizons and experience something totally fresh and new? Why not explore the wide range of fringe theatre London has to offer. From London pub theatre to hidden stages and unique venues, you can unearth gems in the capital at almost every turn if you know where to look. Stagedoor is your guide to the very best fringe theatre in London.

The best fringe theatre in London

Wonderful things exist on the fringe. Whilst the glossy posters and bright lights of the West End may be all you see at first glance, take a closer look and you’ll find a whole other world just below the surface that many consider to be the beating heart of London theatre. London has a thriving fringe theatre scene, where exciting productions are created, staged and nurtured into dazzling pieces of theatre. If you like the idea of finding out about the next big thing long before it hits the West End, then it’s time to start exploring the world of fringe theatre.

From the ‘meet ups with friends’ vibes of London pub theatre to the ‘this will be huge’ excitement of off-West End stages, the many fringe theatre venues London is home to all hold enticing secrets behind their doors. Many of your favourite massive West End productions began as fringe theatre shows, whilst incredible writers, actors and comedians all rely on the bustling activity of fringe theatre in London to tell their stories. If you’ve never explored fringe theatre in London, then you’re missing out on more than you could possibly dream of.

What is fringe theatre?

Fringe theatre is theatre that exists outside of main theatre institutions such as London’s West End, and instead in smaller, often unique venues with a whole lot of personality. The fringe theatre venues London has dotted throughout its streets are all different and exciting in their own ways, and the shows that are produced there are often totally different to what you might find on the West End.

The freedom of fringe theatre means that producers, writers and practitioners can let their imaginations run wild. You’ll find all types of theatre on the fringe, both traditional, non-traditional, and like nothing you’ve ever seen. From Shakespeare to slapstick and everything in-between, fringe theatre has something for everyone to fall in love with. There really is no better place to discover incredible new productions than London’s fringe theatre venues.

Fringe theatre venues London

London has many fringe theatre venues to explore. From London pub theatre to beautiful outdoor spaces, and tiny top-floor theatres to incredible converted venues of all shapes and sizes, there’s no end to what you might discover – and where you might discover it. Theatre503, Old Red Lion, Park Theatre, Bush Theatre are but some fabulous fringe theatres in London.

Fringe theatre London tickets

Explore all the hottest tickets in fringe theatre and be the first to witness the next phenomenon about to take London’s theatre scene by storm. Stagedoor has all the very best fringe theatre productions gathered in one place, so you can make sure you never miss the next unmissable production.