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International Productions

International Productions in London

Created by theatre makers from across the globe

International theatre productions

International productions are huge part of London’s theatre scene. Incredible music theatre international European productions have been coming to find new audiences in the UK for centuries, whilst the West End’s mutual love affair with Broadway means that the best of both has always been exchanged between them. International productions offer UK audiences a chance to experience new and exciting stories from all around the world, whilst UK theatre and companies learn from their contemporaries oversees.

European theatre lends fresh perspectives, new techniques and diverse ideas to of the UK’s most beloved art forms. Music theatre international productions ensure that there is always something new and exciting to talk about on the West End. International productions help to keep the heart of London theatre beating, and its theatres full of the most exciting and talked about new shows. Explore international productions on Stagedoor.

Music theatre international

One of the best things about the London theatre scene is that all good things eventually wash up on our shores. London’s West End attracts the very best European theatre, Broadway shows and music theatre international productions. Dazzling musical theatre can come from all over the world, and international productions help to diversify London’s theatre scene and ensure it remains one of the very best on the planet.

One of the most common shippers of international productions to the West End is Broadway. The Great White Way is, in many ways, the West End’s cousin, and the two theatre districts have often swapped shows back and forth between them, sending off home-spun theatre to find new fans overseas. Fans are often able to spot great shows coming from abroad before they land in our theatres, adding to the buzz and anticipation that surrounds the West End and its scheduling. Music theatre international productions strengthen our connection to the wider world of theatre and allow us to celebrate fantastic shows with fans all across the globe.

European theatre

European theatre has also provided many fantastic international productions to the West End over the years, with translated musicals finding a new home and new audience in London. European plays can tell stories less familiar to us and walk ground less well trod, for a fresh, exciting and totally novel theatre experience.

You can catch fantastic European plays or even translated musicals. Music theatre international European productions have had great success in London and help to bring diversity and innovation to our West End stages. Keep a look out for unmissable European theatre coming to London and catch the very best international productions.

Music theatre international European tickets

Whether it’s the latest and greatest in European theatre or the most unmissable Broadway transfers, international productions are an incredibly valuable part of London theatre. We are incredibly lucky to attract such outstanding international productions to our shores – now it’s up to us as London theatregoers to make the most of it. Explore the fantastic international productions on offer and discover your new favourite show today with Stagedoor.