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Musicals in London

From Les Misérables to Hamilton and everything in-between


There’s nothing quite as magical as musical theatre. The very best of theatre, music, choreography, staging and costuming combine in all the incredible musical theatre London hosts across the West End and beyond. London musicals tickets don’t just deliver a great day out, but they provide you and your loved ones with memories to cherish. You’ll never forget your first London musical, nor every one after that.

Whether you’re looking for a perfect date night, searching for a treat for the whole family, or you simply want to see your favourite musical theatre songs sung on the big stage, there’s a ticket for you. With so much out there, it’s time to explore all the amazing musicals London has to offer. Stay up to date on all the latest musical theatre news and get your hands on the hottest tickets with Stagedoor.

Musical theatre in London

You couldn’t have the West End without musical theatre. All over London, there are musicals being written, rehearsed, revised and revived. From classics nearly a century old to brand new works innovating in the genre, you’re never short of musical theatre in London. And when it comes to a great day out, the wide variety of shows on offer means that London musicals tickets are always a hit.

The musicals London plays host to in the West End cover everything from fairy-tale classics to brand new adaptations of your favourite films. Discover dazzling revivals of classic gems or bold new stories never before brought to the stage. Hear the very best musical theatre songs sung by the most exciting new voices and unearth the next big thing before it goes global. With so much variety, it’s time to leave any preconceptions at the stage door – there truly is a musical in London for everyone.

Musical theatre songs

London plays host to many kinds of musicals, but most fall into one of two categories. Jukebox musicals take songs you already love, made famous by your favourite artists, and turn them into show-stopping musical theatre songs. Some jukebox musicals use songs by many different artists, whilst some focus on the discography of a single musician. Some biographical musicals even use an artist’s music to tell their own life story on stage.

Book musicals contain original music written specifically for that piece of musical theatre. These songs are woven into the story carefully by the writers and exist only to tell that one story. The musicals London offers are full of fantastic music in all different genres, from opera and classical voice tradition to rock, pop and even hip-hop. Don’t be surprised if you go home humming some of the musical theatre songs you hear during your visit.

London musicals tickets

With so much always happening on the West End, it’s a good idea to keep up with the latest musical theatre news to make sure you never miss a big ticket. Stagedoor has all of the best and most exciting London musicals tickets – book yourself a magical night out today.