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Physical Theatre

Physical Theatre shows in London

Storytelling through movement

Physical theatre

Physical theatre may not be at the front of your mind when you think about seeing a show in London, but it should be. Physical theatre plays a valuable part in making London such a diverse and exciting destination for theatre. And if you’ve never experienced it, now is the time.

From huge West End productions to hidden gems on the fringe, there’s tons of ways to experience physical theatre in London and loads of exciting physical theatre companies to discover. Start exploring them with Stagedoor.

What is physical theatre?

Physical theatre is theatre that uses movement in order to tell a story. This can involve actors combining a script with physical storytelling in order to add an extra element to the story, or even forgoing the script altogether and conveying the story to the audience entirely through their actions and/or movements. Physical theatre can incorporate elements of dance, mime, puppetry, visual art, or none of the above. Many kinds of performance can be defined as physical theatre and so the possibilities truly are endless – that’s what makes it so exciting.

Physical theatre often rejects traditional staging, particularly with regards to the fourth wall. This means that it can involve an immersive aspect, and sometimes encourages audience participation. There are no concrete rules when it comes to physical theatre, giving it an exciting element of unpredictability.

Big West End productions can incorporate elements of physical theatre into their storytelling. Small fringe productions may tell an entire story through movement. There’s countless shades in-between, meaning that whatever you think you know about physical theatre may be wrong. If you enjoy a good story, then there’s a piece of physical theatre out there for you.

Physical theatre is just one of the many art forms that makes London’s theatre scene so exciting. Adding balance to – and sometimes strengthening – the many amazing scripts being performed around the capital, it helps to diversify theatre in London and keep it fresh and unpredictable.

Physical theatre companies

There are many physical theatre companies working in London. They breath new life into popular texts, helping to reinvent stories that have been told hundreds of times before and present them in new and exciting ways. They consult on major productions and figure out how to use movement in the creation of theatre magic. And they develop their own productions, building brand new stories around the art of physical theatre.

You can find loads of physical theatre companies working in London’s West End, major theatres and fringe venues. Explore their current productions and discover theatre like you’ve never seen it before.

Physical theatre London tickets

If you’re looking for something new to do in London, you should definitely consider booking a physical theatre production. Never dull or predictable, physical theatre can open your mind to brand new possibilities when it comes to the art of performance and help you to connect to a story in brand new ways. Explore physical theatre productions now on Stagedoor and discover something unexpected.