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Shakespeare shows in London

To watch or not to watch, that is the question!

Shakespeare in London

If you’re looking to experience authentic Shakespeare theatre, then London is the place to be. With historic venues such as The Globe London and prestigious organisations like the Royal Shakespeare Company, no city on earth celebrates the works of the Bard quite as entirely as London. At the Globe, you can see Shakespeare plays performed on the very stage for which they were first written, whilst at countless other venues around and outside the city you’ll find Shakespeare’s works revisited, reimagined, and made fresh for a modern audience.

Shakespeare is performed all around the world, but London Shakespeare plays have an extra level of authenticity. This is the city in which so many of these immortal stories were first told, and the city that nurtured Shakespeare’s love affair with theatre. Find all the best Shakespeare plays and performances on Stagedoor.

Shakespeare’s Globe

The Globe London is the most famous Shakespeare theatre in the world. In this historic venue, you can experience a rolling calendar of fantastic Shakespeare plays, staged by the Royal Shakespeare Company and performed by the very best Shakespearean actors. Some of the very best London Shakespeare plays have been staged within the walls of this beautiful open air theatre, stretching back over 400 years.

When you visit Shakespeare’s Globe, you can either sit on the benches that run in levels along its walls, or you can experience what it would have been like to stand among the ‘groundlings’ at the foot of the stage and become part of the action, with the play often happening right in front of or beside you. A visit to the Globe connects you to a key part of theatre history.
Shakespeare’s Globe is not the only place to see Shakespeare plays in London, however. Lots of other venues, big and small, can offer a fantastic taste of Shakespeare theatre. Shakespeare’s works have been performed countless times throughout the years, but there’s always new ways to tell these stories, and London is the place to discover them. From huge, big-budget productions to intimate local venues and even pub theatre performances, there’s no rules when it comes to discovering Shakespeare.

What kinds of Shakespeare plays are there?

Shakespeare told many kinds of stories, but his works can be most easily understood by sorting them into three categories. These are: tragedies, comedies and histories.
Comedies such as Twelfth Night and A Midsummer Nights’ Dream generally contain a lot of Shakespeare’s cleverest wordplay, as well as mix-ups, confusions and cases of mistaken identity. They are often romances that end happily for most characters and involve a great deal of silliness.

Tragedies such as Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet usually involve unhappy fates for many characters. They show how fatal flaws can lead to the downfall of characters or bring misfortune to those around them. Many of Shakespeare’s most famous lines and speeches come from his tragedies

Histories such as the Henry IV and Henry VI plays are retellings of real events, often with some creative license. They usually contain messages relevant to the era that Shakespeare was writing in.

Shakespeare theatre tickets

Shakespeare plays are a key part of London theatre and something that everyone should experience at some point in their lives. Whether at Shakespeare’s Globe or one of the many other London venues that host Shakespearean theatre, London Shakespeare plays offer a fantastic night out. Book your tickets today.