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Inspired by Mercutio’s famous speech in Romeo & Juliet

Queen Mab photo on Stagedoor
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Mon 21 Jun - Sat 26 Jun, 2.30pm & 7.30pm


About Queen Mab

A suburban street. The night is ink and moonlight. A lone fox noses through your bins. Out in the garden, I am watching… This is not my first plague. Mab is an ancient being who doles out dreams and nightmares to her sleeping victims. She has watched humans for centuries, knows our worst fears and wildest fantasies – and quite frankly, she’s bored of us. That is until a chance meeting with Freya Roberts, a locked-down teen watching her best years slip away. As Mab and Freya strike up an unlikely friendship, the faerie is reluctantly drawn into the laughter, squabbles, triumphs and anxieties of the Roberts’ family. But when grief threatens their world, can Mab maintain her impartial role of observer? Queen Mab brings this mythic dream-weaver into the mundanity of pandemic life. A coming-of-age tale for fifteen-year-olds and five-hundred-year-olds alike. Through music and storytelling, Queen Mab examines the euphoria, confusion and loneliness of youth.