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Alice had 3 years removed from her memory and a new brain-implant installed

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Tue 1 Nov - Sat 12 Nov 2022, 7pm

About Lethe

In the near future Lethe ENT. is leading the field in memory augmentation technology. Alice volunteered for their experiment and asked for 3 years to be removed from her memory. Now she doesn't remember what sent her to them, and an implant embedded in her skull protects her from recalling. But she is free... right? Lethe explores a cyberpunk inspired future of 'high tech and low life', where the best version of yourself can be commodified and sold back to you. A journey into the mind and the body, asking do nightmares live in our head… or under our skin? Content warning: Lethe is a play about recovery from sexual assault related PTSD and there is use of flashing lights. The play depicts mood swings, flash backs, disassociation and other symptoms common to post traumatic stress disorder.