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Jumper photo on Stagedoor
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Tue 5 Apr - Sat 9 Apr 2022, 7.30pm

Runtime: 1h 45m

About Jumper

It’s 2034, the eve of the General Election the air is thick with the familiar feelings of hope and despair. A world-wearied train driver winds down from another long shift with a colleague, reflecting on their fall from grace. Meanwhile, in 2029, on the eve of the previous election, a tube unexpectedly breaks down. As the five people in the carriage - a disenfranchised twenty-something, a politician’s PA, an expat scientist, a homeless ghost of the last hanged Londoner and a girl who no one knows – realise they are the only ones on board, they are caught up in apocalyptic speculation and new-age conspiracies and are forced to contemplate how they each fit into this group, into London and into this ever-changing country. Maybe the tube stopping is the first sign of the end. Or maybe the end has already begun. As individual narratives clash with the fundamental changes of a Britain on the brink of climate, economic and societal collapse, those in 2034 and 2029 alike are left wondering the same thing: could everything change tomorrow?