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Maria Caruso comes to the West End for two nights only

Metamorphosis photo on Stagedoor
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Mon 27 Jun & Mon 4 Jul 2022, 8pm

Runtime: 1h 30m

About Metamorphosis

Maria Caruso is to make her West End debut with her critically acclaimed solo show, ‘Metamorphosis’, performed without the utterance of a single word and considered one the most unique works of theatre in decades. Hailed as one of Caruso’s greatest solo creations to date, ‘Metamorphosis has been performed across the globe since its critically acclaimed five-month run off-Broadway in 2021. A dance theatre work, heavily influenced by the artist’s ballet and modern vocabularies, the audience is immersed in the emotion of the creator’s true story and selfless expression on the stage. Her entire body transfixes the audience through her raw and personal metamorphosis, leaving you changed forever through the universality of emotions on stage. The evening length performance took root after Caruso’s extensive work with the Martha Graham Contemporary Dance Company and the artistic evolution resulting from her performances of Martha Graham’s iconic solo Lamentation. Hungry to create an expansive work for the world’s stage, Metamorphosis was born. ‘Metamorphosis’ highlights life’s many transitions and the emotions that accompany them. Although based on Caruso’s own experiences, the drastic emotional shifts presented in her solo performance are shared among all of us, especially as the pandemic transformed our lives -stripping us of our routines that upheld normalcy and provided us with time to reflect on our own lives. Caruso’s inspiration for ‘Metamorphosis’ came from her own life experiences that fill the pages of her story. From fear, to rage, to confidence, Caruso expresses the changes her character undergoes through a series of costume changes into various coloured dresses.