Ballooniana! photo on Stagedoor
Ballooniana! photo on Stagedoor

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The human race is taking flight. Untethered.

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Thu 22 Sep - Sat 1 Oct 2022, 2.45pm & 7.45pm

About Ballooniana!

In 1969, man walked on the moon. That was quite good. In 1550 BC, an old man built a pair of wings from wax and feathers and sailed across the bay. That was alright. In 1783, for the first time, the human race took flight. And nothing would ever be the same again. On November 21st in the year of our lord 1783, Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier watched a creation that was lighter than air soar away from them, in an effort to touch the face of God. Intentionally or not, this single action, this untethering of our collective dreams, led to us taking flight, in constant pursuit of the unattainable, and the unknown. This isn’t a period drama. This isn’t made for the stage of the Olivier. This isn’t a play for dusty old men in frock coats. BoxLess takes the story of the creation of the hot air balloon, and melds it with their signature physical theatre, original music and spoken word poetry, performed by the ensemble. This story could be dry. This story could be dusty. We promise it won’t be. A carnival of creativity, a celebration of what mankind can achieve, told by two female performers playing the Montgolfier brothers, with live original music and musicians, physical theatre and balloons. A celebration of liveness, aliveness and live theatre. A cloud in a paper bag. It is possible.