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Celebrating 50 years of people coming together at the Orange Tree Theatre

Seven Celebrations photo on Stagedoor
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Fri 29 Jul - Sat 30 Jul 2022, 12pm, 3.30pm & 7pm


About Seven Celebrations

Sitting in a circle, and sharing in a story, or a poem, or a song, or a dance or maybe a joke, different generations, genders, backgrounds, opinions. The more people spend time in close proximity with each other, the more their heartbeats start to sync up. Beat a similar rhythm. We invite you to come share the rhythm of our beating heart as our community groups from babies to over 60s join up to perform an exciting intergenerational performance devised themselves. Around 80 people onstage at the Orange Tree at the same time! Directed by Jen Bakst alongside community group directors Scott Le Crass, Rio Fry, Harry Gould, Madi Mahoney and Hannah De Ville, exploring themes of comedy, music, history and pop culture through the ages, and the eyes of all involved, and how these have evolved.