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A gripping and moving play about the lived experiences of a war veteran

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Tue 14 Mar - Sat 8 Apr 2023, 3.15pm, 7pm, 7.45pm & 9pm

Runtime: 1h 10m


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About Leaving Vietnam

Jimmy Vandenberg, a decorated Vietnam war veteran, works alone in his garage servicing the classic American cars of his youth while struggling to forget his battle experiences. He can’t move on when his sacrifice is not acknowledged in a nation still shamed by defeat. When Jimmy hears Trump’s call to ‘Make America Great Again’, it speaks to his anger and resentment - and he is hooked. His new-found politics drives a wedge between him and his wife, but a chance visit by the son of a fallen comrade makes him doubt his convictions and leads to a moment of understanding and redemption. This thought-provoking and timely play shows how those who feel disillusioned and excluded can be seduced into supporting populist politicians. The play’s depiction of the personal trauma of war resonates with the bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan and those currently fighting – and dying – in Ukraine. Age Recommendation: 12+