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A pitch-black comedy from the award-winning playwright David Ireland.

Ulster American photo on Stagedoor

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Until 27 Jan

Mon 4 Dec - Sat 27 Jan

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Woody Harrelson, Andy Serkis, and Louisa Harland are a juicy prospect, and their choice of play, which arrives at Riverside Studios in early December, is certainly intriguing. Controversial when it premiered at the Traverse in Edinburgh in 2018, David Ireland’s three-hander is a short, sharp shock of a play that brings together an American Hollywood star, a male English theatre director, and a female Northern Irish playwright in one room on the eve of rehearsals for a new play set in Ulster. It’s a violently funny satire on different kinds of colonisation and oppression, the fallout from #MeToo, cultural misunderstandings and misappropriations, and the hypocrisy of liberal attitudes in general and the theatre industry in particular. Even some theatre critics expressed themselves offended in Edinburgh. It will be interesting to see how this lands in a revival by Jeremy Herrin.

About Ulster American

An Oscar-winning American actor, an English director, and a Northern Irish playwright are on the verge of commencing rehearsals for a groundbreaking play, poised to potentially reshape their respective careers. However, when they discover they are not in sync, the evening teeters on the brink of chaos. In this darkly comedic work by acclaimed playwright David Ireland, subjects like power dynamics, cultural identity, and the challenges faced by women in the entertainment sector are explored without restraint. Age Recommendation: 16+ Content: Contains very strong language, graphic violence and references to sexual assault.