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A co-creation with seven learning disabled and autistic artists, who also perform in the piece

Imposter 22 photo on Stagedoor
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Sat 23 Sep - Sat 14 Oct 2023, 7.30pm Captioned: Thu 12 Oct, 7.30pm BSL: Fri 13 Oct, 7.30pm Captioned and Audio Described: Sat 14 Oct, 7.30pm

About Imposter 22

“We need to start at the start. Yes, yes, we do or the Neurotypicals will be confused” There was something off about the new guy. But now he’s dead, and the sirens are fast approaching. Who to trust – what was it he told you that time on the pedalo? You need to get your story straight; because CCTV and number plates. Because everyone’s perspective is different, and only certain perspectives count. You need an empty stage, a mic, a London bus. You need a captive audience, roller skates, and a man 25 to 45 who will do as he’s told. Pressure’s on. Engine’s running. The new production will be created with the sensory needs of neurodivergent audience members in mind and all performances will be relaxed. Imposter 22 is a playful account of barrier navigation, the politics of neurodiversity and the power of sharing a platform.