Paco Peña — Solera photo on Stagedoor
Paco Peña — Solera photo on Stagedoor

Paco Peña — Solera Tickets

Paco Peña brings Solera to Sadler's Wells for 6 performances only!

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Show ended

Wed 20 Apr - Sun 24 Apr 2022 2.30pm, 4pm & 7.30pm

About Paco Peña — Solera

This new production reunites Paco Peña and his long term collaborator, director Jude Kelly, for an exploration of artistic wisdom and the fearlessness of youth in search for new expression. SOLERA features both young and mature performers, demonstrating that age is an essential element in the process of turning raw artistic talent into a refined art-form. Andalucía, in Southern Spain, has for many lifetimes produced fine wines in a system that stacks oak barrels in several layers. Young wine enters the highest barrel and given time flows down, nurturing its best qualities, until what remains is a delicious wine that can only be achieved with age. The mature solera of the older generations enriches and refines the best qualities handed down to the young. Flamenco is not a written tradition, but one handed down from one generation to the next, constantly striving to find different ways to express; the best of performances will incorporate part of what has been created before by the great practitioners of the past.