Antropofagia photo on Stagedoor
Antropofagia photo on Stagedoor

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Only anthropophagy unites us. Socially. Economically. Philosophically. Artistically. Historically. Politically. Culturally. Metaphysically.

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Thu 5 Mar - Sat 7 Mar, 8pm


About Antropofagia

Tupi or not Tupi – that is the question (?) ANTROPOFAGIA revisits and retells the story of cannibal warrior and Tupinambá leader Cunhambebe, who coordinated the Tamoios Confederation and fought alongside the French in Guanabara (today’s Rio de Janeiro) against the Portuguese and the Tupiniquins of Piratininga (today’s São Paulo). An alternative look at the forging of what is now known as Brazil, a historical fiction filled with passion, sarcasm and energy and a reminder that the past is fluid and moulded by the present. And finally, it’s a show that embraces the power of theatre as a symbolic realm where the battle of imagination takes place both on a narrative level but also on a metatheatrical level. On stage, no dream is too small.