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A new play from the writer of Typical and For Black Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When the Hue Gets Too Heavy

Human Nurture photo on Stagedoor
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Tue 22 Mar - Sat 26 Mar 2022, 2.30pm & 7.15pm

Runtime: 1h 00m

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Ever heard a white person say they couldn’t possibly be racist because they have a black friend? Harry doesn’t think he’s racist because he grew up in care with Roger and they were very close. But now it’s Harry’s 18th birthday and when Roger, who has now reverted to his birth name Runaku, turns up on the doorstep he comes bearing a real gift: the truth. Written by Ryan Calais Cameron, who wrote the hard-hitting Typical and whose For Black Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When the Hue Gets Too Heavy transfers to the Royal Court at the end of the month, this is a chance to see the latest from a playwright who is very much on the rise.

About Human Nurture

“I don’t agree with everything they say, but we do have a lot in common nowadays; anyway, I can’t be racist my best friend is Black.” Roger and Harry’s bond is so strong they could be brothers. They share the same food, music, laughs, even dreams – but not race. Roger is black and Harry is white…but what does that matter, right? When Roger is rehomed, Harry is left behind in the care system, and these brothers start to walk down different paths. When Roger returns to celebrate Harry’s birthday, his new name Runaku isn’t the only change, and this dream reunion becomes much more complicated. Featuring live music, moves and plenty of dynamite. Age Recommendation: 16+