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Boy meets girl. Boy can’t talk to girl. And a small asteroid has hit the capital city.

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Tue 5 Apr - Sat 30 Apr 2022, 2.30pm & 7.15pm

Runtime: 1h 25m

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Lava should have been touring back in 2020 but it may feel even more relevant now. That’s because it’s a play about grief and coping with catastrophe, set in the aftermath of a disaster when an asteroid hits London. Everyone has their own ways of dealing with sadness and for Vin that means stopping talking. But then a survivor of the disaster comes into his life who has a very different way of expressing grief. The show—co-produced by Fifth Word and Nottingham Playhouse—only managed a few performances back in 2020, but the responses were very warm, and writer James Fritz has more than proved himself with plays including Four Minutes Twelve Seconds, Parliament Square and Ross and Rachel.

About Lava

“He can’t speak.” “What, at all?” It was ridiculous. Impossible. But it happened. As London adjusts to life after an unthinkable disaster, in a small town far away, a young man called Vin finds he can no longer speak. Is it shock? Grief? Or something else? While Vin’s mum Vicky struggles with a loss of her own, his friend Rach is determined to help him find a way out of silence. But when Rach’s family take in a charismatic and articulate survivor, who thinks talking – or even singing – about your suffering is the way to heal, Vin’s plight is suddenly eclipsed… In a world that celebrates self expression, what happens to those who can’t express themselves? And what lengths will we go to, to make sense of our sadness? From award-winning playwright James Fritz (Four Minutes Twelve Seconds, Parliament Square, Ross & Rachel), Lava is a play for the moment: a funny, tender and moving story about friendship and reconnection in the aftermath of catastrophe. Age Recommendation: 16+