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A contemporary thriller with ancient roots.

SAP photo on Stagedoor
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Mon 3 Apr - Sat 22 Apr 2023, 3pm & 7pm

Runtime: 1h 10m

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The gods are not on the side of Daphne in Ovid’s Metamorphosis. The only way she can escape the unwanted attention of Apollo is by transforming into a laurel tree. In Rafaella Marcus’ play, a big hit in Edinburgh last summer, Daphne is not a nymph but a contemporary young woman. But a one-night stand with a male lawyer turns into a relentless pursuit after Daphne falls in love with another woman. Class and confidence, as well as sexual politics, are examined with both sharp satire and a more thoughtful delicacy in a pacey 70 minutes that keeps you gripped, at times delighted and at others disconcerted and raging.

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When a woman tells a lie to her girlfriend, a seed is planted that starts to grow in the darkness. Now roots are cracking up through the pavement and branches are coming in at the windows, and – as she starts to see things that no one else can – she becomes the focus of some seriously unwanted attention. Direct from a critically acclaimed run at Edinburgh Fringe, Atticist, Ellie Keel Productions and MAST Mayflower Studios present a new play based on an old myth, about passion, power, and photosynthesis. WINNER: Soho Playhouse Medal for Excellence in Theatre, The Stage Edinburgh Award (for Jessica Clark), Lustrum Award NOMINATED: Holden Street Award, OffFest Award Age Recommendation: 16+