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The show that we're about to do is a story of the future.

We Were Promised Honey photo on Stagedoor
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Tue 22 Nov - Sat 3 Dec 2022, 3pm & 7pm

Runtime: 1h 05m

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Sam Ward and YesYesNoNo’s brilliant barrel roll of a show was a hit in Edinburgh this summer and deservedly so. This brief hour, nestling within the time frame of a millennia, tells the story of our collective future that we already know is crashing towards an unhappy end. There is audience participation, and making it together in the theatre offers a parallel to the way that we are all collectively writing our own, our species and the earth’s story on a daily basis. In every action, in every word. Ward has already written this story but in the act of telling it together might we be able to change the ending? Or is despair the only sane response? Ward offers little solace but sears the retina with imagery of a future world and the heart with poetry in a piece that can be seen as a requiem or a quiet meditative call to arms. Stunning.

About We Were Promised Honey

The story we're going to tell is the story of us. I'm going to tell you this now: it doesn't have a happy end. A lone performer tells the story of the future of the audience; what’s going to happen to them in the decades, centuries, millenia after the end of this show. It’s the story of a baby born in a lighthouse, of someone on fire in the middle of the desert, of two lovers reunited in a flooded city, of a spaceship on the edge of a black hole. Everything has already been decided. This is the story of the end. From the makers of Five Encounters on a Site Called Craigslist and The Accident Did Not Take Place comes an act of communal storytelling. A hopeful, hopeless prophecy for earth and humankind. A story of us, our future, of paradise and how we get there in the end. Age Recommendation: 16+