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Performance artist FK Alexander sings along to the final recording of Judy Garland singing ‘Over the Rainbow’ in an intimate and visceral performance.

I Could Go on Singing photo on Stagedoor
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Mon 24 Feb - Wed 26 Feb, 7pm, 8pm & 9pm

Runtime: 1h 00m

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FK Alexander’s I Could Go on Singing is a remarkable thing, uplifting and gruelling in equal measure. In a room full of sound, some of it brutal, almost painful, Alexander suddenly cuts through the noise by singing Judy Garland’s most famous song, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, over and over and to just one audience member at a time. She holds you by the hand and she stares into your eyes as if you are the only person present. Nothing will quite prepare you for the emotional impact and intimacy of this quite extraordinary piece which leaves you wondering whether you have had a transformative experience, or been part of something that questions what it is that moves us and how emotion is manufactured. Your choice, but either way, fascinating.

About I Could Go on Singing

FK stands hand-in-hand with self-selected members of the audience while singing along to a recording made just four months before Garland’s death. Against a wall of music provided by noise band Okishima Island Tourist Association, the performance creates a moment of undivided attention. Audience members may volunteer to have ‘Over the Rainbow’ sung to them, holding FK’s hand, in a one-to-one experience witnessed by the rest of the audience. Age Recommendation: 14+