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When the carnival is over, the Carnival King must die.

Gatsby photo on Stagedoor
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Wed 8 Dec 2021 - Sat 8 Jan 2022, 3.30pm & 8pm

Runtime: 2h 20m

About Gatsby

It is late December 1929. Winter. Does the end of the Jazz Age and prohibition signify the end for celebrated New York Speakeasy ‘Luna Park’? Will they have to close for Christmas? One cold, snowy day, Daisy Buchanan returns to New York and wanders into Luna Park looking for Jay Gatsby. She needs to speak to him. Instead, she meets notorious gangster, Woolfe. He wants to know: who is the woman that Gatsby gave everything up for? What is her agenda? What secrets is she hiding? Can he make her confess? An original, musical re-telling of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby that focuses on the character of Daisy Buchanan, with references to the woman who inspired her: Zelda Fitzgerald. Daisy has been isolated for seven years and needs to remember the events of 1922 in order to move on. Guided by Woolfe, and her cousin Nick Carraway, with the influence of the amusement park that Gatsby so loved, she has to reach a painful conclusion. But there is always the green light. The green light of hope. Age Recommendation: 12+