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A musical about Yeast, by the minds that brought you Urinetown

Yeast Nation: The Triumph of Life photo on Stagedoor
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Fri 22 Jul - Sat 27 Aug 2022, 3pm & 7.30pm

Runtime: 2h 20m

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After there was Urinetown there was Yeast Nation, and some people reckon the score is superior to Greg Kotis and Mark Hollman’s Tony and Obie award-winning musical. It is similarly off-beat featuring as its protagonists a bunch of yeast (yep I did write yeast, it’s not a typo) who we meet three and a half billion years ago on the long slow road to evolution. It turns out that yeast have their feuds, their power plays and their triumphs just as much as any human, and some are loveable and some are villains. It will be interesting to see if this show does the trick for UK audiences and whether it rises like a pillowy loaf or turns out to be a bit of a Marmite show, loved and loathed in equal measure.

About Yeast Nation: The Triumph of Life

It is the year 3,000,458,000 BC. Living deep within the murk is the world’s very first life-form. Behold, The Yeasts! With food growing scarce and resources dwindling, The Yeasts are forced to stay true to The Strictures enshrined in law. But when one Yeast decides to break the rules and seek new possibilities, a new emotion changes all they have ever known….love. Urinetown creators Greg Kotis and Mark Hollmann and cult director Benji Sperring (The Toxic Avenger: The Musical, Shock Treatment, Night of the Living Dead: Live) take you on a journey to the bottom of the sea to answer that burning question that musical theatre lovers and sceptics alike have been asking since the dawn of time: what would a musicalised story about the first single-celled organisms sound like? Part classic Greek drama, part bio-historical comedy musical, part bizarre fever dream, and all unique theatre experience, Yeast Nation shows that no matter your size, you have to dream big. Join Jan the Elder, Jan the Wise, Jan the Second, Jan the Sweet, Jan the Sly, Jan the – you get the idea, there are literally billions of them – this July at Southwark playhouse. Brilliant, bonkers, and brimming with brio, Yeast Nation is here to show you no matter your size, anyone can change the world Featuring numbers including “Stasis is the Membrane”, “Burning Soul”, and “You’re Not The Yeast You Used To Be”, the question on everyone’s lips is: Dear God why are you doing a show about Yeast? But the second, more important question is: Will the Yeast rise, or will it be a Yeasticide? Age Recommendation: 11+ Please note that there is audience interaction in Yeast Nation, particularly in rows A and B