Extreme [The New Norm] photo on Stagedoor
Extreme [The New Norm] photo on Stagedoor

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A Satire About Life In A Pandemic

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Show ended

Fri 3 Mar & Sat 4 Mar 2023, 7pm

Runtime: 1h 10m

About Extreme [The New Norm]

Life is unpredictable and shapes us to be flexible. But over the past two years we have lived through another level of extreme. We couldn’t rely on what would happen in the next hour, let alone in the next month. Pandemic rules brought us contrasting experiences. Some of us were relieved to finally slow down, some became frustrated and bored, some worked more, some lived in constant fear, and eventually, we all became overwhelmed. And with the most recent world events, it seems that when one crisis passes another reveals itself in an endless circle of life. We find ourselves living beyond the norm. Extremes became the norm. Slovak Theatre in London reflects on the biggest event of the past decade, which globally influenced the life of every individual. In a colourful collage of scenes and characters, the play shows the contrasting situations of the pandemic, often based on true events. Through collaborative devising, physical theatre, music and songs, the artists explore patterns of behaviour in society and individuals in a time of crisis. The performance reaches out to the spectators with direct interaction, serving as a mirror challenging opinions and calling on new perspectives. Ultimately, the show, filled with both seriousness and humour, offers a collective therapy through art. IMPORTANT: Friday 3 March - show in SLOVAK language Saturday 4 March - show in ENGLISH langugage