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The year is 2039, racism is over.

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Sun 10 Nov, 7pm Mon 11 Nov, 8.30pm

Runtime: 0h 45m

About I will Tell you in a Minute

In the year of 2039 a successful Black writer lives a perfect life in a future where racism and discrimination seized to exist. This future is so beautiful that the author decides to use her younger self for the promotion of her new book. The promise of a book that changes time makes the perfect marketing campaign. When the author successfully meets with her younger self in 2019, she finds a young girl with little hope in the future. What was supposed to be a live changing experience for the one is in fact for two. The demons of the past come back to hunt this writer from her perfect society, but what was sacrificed for a perfect society to be created? This play explores Black Europeans. What is it to be black in Europe? Black British? African diaspora? Black? What is it that this cultural and social mix brings into the future and how is it still connected to the past? Questions and answers that are timeless yet from the present and maybe from the future. In this play they are presented in every space in between and the spaces yet to be found. A storytelling afro-futuristic time machine, where spoken words, physical theatre and life are explored by two young black girls. As a society we tend to look for ways to make the world a better place for the future generation. We forget that the future is much closer than a few decades from now, the future is the next minute, the next hour. This play explores the necessity to create a future in the present, as well as the past and present. This play questions time, breaks the linearity of it and invites the audience to a time travel journey with maybe no time at all.