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“Sign. Do it for womankind.”

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Sun 30 - Mon 31 Oct 2022, 7:45PM

About Faustine

After her radical PHD thesis is rejected, Faustine accidentally summons the demon Mephistophilis, who offers to end female pain in exchange for Faustine’s soul. But is this ambitious scientist willing to be deprived of everlasting bliss for the sake of all womankind? Can she trust a demon who claims to be a feminist? Can periods truly be eradicated? Female suffering hinges on one question: Will Faustine sign? Fill your mugs with red wine, pull up your Bridget Jones knickers and indulge in the sweet capabilities of darkest hell. Spirits will rise, devils will dance and bras will burn in this joy ride of a cautionary tale. Inspired by Marlow’s Doctor Faustus, Faustine is a two-handed, dark comedy which explores the struggles of being a modern feminist and debates whether the rise can be worth the fall. Think: 'The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' meets 'Fleabag'. Watch the sparks fly as Jacobean and feminist theatre collide in this original play by Light At Midnight Theatre. Age Recommendation: 18+