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Part of Camden Fringe 2022

Fox-Light photo on Stagedoor
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Thu 4 Aug - Sun 7 Aug 2022, 9pm

Runtime: 1h 00m

About Fox-Light

When two painters meet under a moonlit sky, poetry, cigarettes and sex isn’t all they share. Fox-Light tells the tale of young lovers infatuated with each other’s beauty, charm and genitals. In an age where facades are clung onto for dear life, Jay and Tess must break through the masks of society in order to see what lies beneath. Dissolving into the essence of their own souls and moving closer to the truth, the romance turns sinister as the very thing they hold onto, could be the very thing that sets them free. ‘There is a place to get to, a place beyond all of this. I was promised that.' Fox-Light is the debut play by Barnaby Tobias (Netflix, Theatre Royal Windsor) directed by Simon Usher (RSC, National) collaborating with first time designer Louisa Posovatz. This tar-black dramedy uses gut wrenching honesty and brutal humour to explore the way Love disguises herself, the addictive nature of loving and the responsibility that truth brings. Fox-Light isn’t for the weak hearted nor the self-righteous, it demands an answer to the all-important question; ‘How do I love in the way I know I’m capable of?’