Growing Pains photo on Stagedoor
Growing Pains photo on Stagedoor

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A coming-of-age comical drama from Mimic Theatre Company

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Sun 2 Oct - Mon 3 Oct, 7.45pm

About Growing Pains

“Now, I know what you’re thinking. This is where you worry it’s going to turn into that one-woman play Chandler has to sit through in Friends CHAPTER ONE MY FIRST PERIOD. Well don’t worry, I won’t go there…” Kitty isn’t cool, and she’s okay with that. For the most part. Kitty was always a worrier, but with a playful nature and love of stories, she sought refuge in her imagination. On returning home from university and discovering her childhood diary, Kitty is suddenly faced with the trials of adolescence she never quite managed to hide from. “I can write what I like. She’s not going to read this. Ever.” Journey through tears and laughter as Kitty discovers who she is beneath the memories of friendship, boys, and her brain just not doing what it's told! “I spent my life camouflaging who I was. But you know what? I’m fucking great.” GROWING PAINS is a coming-of-age comical drama exploring the challenge of saying goodbye to the childhood you’re reluctant to let go of. Sweeping through adolescence with heart and humour, GROWING PAINS will leave you hugging your inner child.   Contains: themes of mental health, suicide, bullying.