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Three Latin American actresses audition for the role of a fiery, sensual Latina.

Try Again photo on Stagedoor
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Sun 20 - Mon 21 Nov 2022, 7.45pm

About Try Again

Each actress is desperate to get the part. Which of them can embody The Latina best? But, what does it even mean to be, feel, or look Latina when each woman has felt her identity change and transform from the moment they crossed the Atlantic to the day they read the audition sides? Try Again explores the immigration process each of them underwent as they arrived in the UK and how their experiences as migrating actors from the Global Majority are shaped by the stereotypical gaze of the film industry. How does that affect their lives, identity, and development as underrepresented artists? How will their identities cross when they all find themselves measuring up to an unrealistic standard? Try Again uses original music, movement, and audio-visual work as a fundamental part of the narrative and storytelling. Age Recommendation: 18+