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A one-man show by Alexander Ananasso

A God Who Can Speak photo on Stagedoor
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Show ended

Fri 2 Sep - Sun 4 Sep 2022, 5.30pm & 7.30pm

Runtime: 0h 50m

About A God Who Can Speak

Something’s very wrong with Mohamed: he can’t move his limbs nor hear anything. He starts recalling memories, including his ex-lover, who called him ‘mental’ at some point, and his mute-deaf brother, who taught him how to experience God through silence. We learn that Mohamed is from a country where his sexual orientation is considered illegal and immoral, and this, paired with detachment from his family, eventually led him to a tragic demise. ‘A god who can speak’ is a dramatic piece with comedic interludes from Mr Charon, the bored and frustrated otherworldly being who interacts with the audience, revealing to them that something happened to them as well, and he is supposed to help them now (he’s not much bothered, though). But the audience is, instead, and much to Charon’s dismay, transported back and forth through time, until they will find out exactly what happened to them all, and to Mohamed, and most importantly, why. Warning: Adult language, murder, suicide.