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An ageing pug, a driveway, tea at the Ritz and much more - 13 commissioned short plays in 3 programmes over 2 weeks

Two Fest: Programme B photo on Stagedoor
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Wed 12 Feb - Sat 22 Feb, 4pm & 7.30pm

Runtime: 2h 00m

About Two Fest: Programme B

The best playwrights have an ear for dialogue, which is why we’ve commissioned some of our favourites to celebrate the art of conversation. Two Fest’s fresh new duologues will introduce you to parents and their children, siblings, co-workers, friends, old married couples and young new lovers. Each short play will challenge you to listen closely as its pairing navigates life in 2020. If you’ve ever argued politics with family, clashed with a colleague, felt betrayed or missed someone after they’ve gone, you will find plenty to relate to across Two Fest’s three programmes of sparkling new work. Two is company, after all. Two Fest: Programme B Welcome to Mine by Francis Grin   Welcome to my Spanish home, my Netflix account, my Ralph Lauren dining table, my ageing pug, my tapas order, my heartbreak, my nervous mother, my flatscreen tv (featuring re-runs of The Bachelor), my belief systems and my neurosis, all of it mine… right?  Protest by Rachael  Claye   The climate crisis is urgent. The tactic is protest. The location is… the driveway. Join Ali and John as they get to the heart of what’s going wrong.  In the Mouth of the River by Louise Breckon-Richards  Opting out, shutting off and hiding away all seem increasingly sensible options in 2020. Why then, are the people who make these choices punished and often aggressively singled out?  Going Outside by Leon Fleming  As young people wrestle with identity and the media becomes hungrier for controversy, it is not always easy to decide what should remain private and intimate.  Fifty/Fifty by Tamara von  Werthern    A mother-daughter relationship imploding in style over tea at the Ritz. A hard look at the dark underside of family politics, love and the genetic lottery we all play.