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London, 2016. The burgeoning party scene of East London hides a dark secret: a swathe of young men dying unexpectedly, with whispers of an unnamed killer.

GHBoy photo on Stagedoor
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Wed 29 Apr - Sun 24 May, 3pm, 7pm, 7.30pm & 9pm

Runtime: 1h 30m

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In the midst of all this, Robert is grieving the death of his father. He desperately wants to be a better person, but trapped in a pattern of substance abuse and infidelity, he has a lingering fear that he will never find love and acceptance. Unexpectedly, his boyfriend Sergio proposes, compelling Robert to turn his back on addiction and self-sabotage – before he destroys this final chance at happiness. But first, he must confront a truth buried deep within his subconscious, something he himself doesn’t yet fully understand. This brand new piece of theatre tackles the misconceptions around gay culture and promiscuity. Something far more ominous is driving men like Robert to the point of self-destruction …