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A kingdom in which a woman is presenting as a man to hold on to power.

Richard II photo on Stagedoor
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Wed 6 Apr - Sun 8 May 2022, 7.30pm

Runtime: 2h 30m

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Where feudal law has returned due to a ravaging civil war. Where the politics of old and young wrestle with each other to maintain a fragile peace. And where the state has become a playground full of scraps, scratches and scraped knees. A world not so different to this one. Quandary Collective take Shakespeare’s words and fuse them with muscular movement, bloody violence and electronic beats, to bring you a gut-wrenching rendition of Shakespeare’s classic that’s somewhere between Mad Max: Fury Road, an episode of Game of Thrones and what it might have been like to stand in the pit at The Globe in 1595. This young company’s fearless adaptation looks at what it means to lead a country, the insidious effects of toxic masculinity, and why gender continually seems to matter in positions of power.