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The world premiere production of James Fritz's play

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Wed 11 Oct - Sat 18 Nov 2023, 2.30pm & 7.30pm


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James Fritz is the most singular of writers, and Jay Miller is the most singular of directors. So, this is a pairing that should pay dividends, and with Norah Lopez Holden playing Queen Victoria, there is even more reason to go. Fritz, who has been so good on contemporary mores, goes back in time to 1889 and the scandal that rocked Britain. It concerned the discovery of a male brothel in London’s West End whose patrons were some of the best-connected in the land. The government was accused of a cover-up in order to protect the high and mighty—including some close to the queen herself.

About The Flea

July 1889, London. Charlie Swinscow is arrested for theft. He had more cash on his person than a poor lad like him is expected to have. (But he didn’t steal. He just let a lord have a go between his legs.) A retelling of the Cleveland Street Scandal that shook England—from the streets of Bermondsey to the halls of Buckingham Palace—featuring a flea, a horse, a detective, a queen, a pimp, a god, and Charlie, the telegraph boy who knelt before the Crown. Age Recommendation: 16+