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Location: Cavern

Dark Matter photo on Stagedoor
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Tue 21 Feb - Sat 25 Feb 2023, 6.40pm, 2.30pm & 6.10pm

Runtime: 1h 00m


About Dark Matter

In an elaborately cosmic attempt to reignite the connection to her ancestral inheritance, Takura blends western ideas of quantum physics and astrology with zimbabwean myth to reconnect with the spirit of her dead grandmother. Despite the disapproval of her family Takura voyages through google in an attempt to connect with the ancestral plane. Will her Mbuya approve of Takura now? Or should some traditions be left to rest? Told through spoken word poetry, movement, live looping and animation, ‘dark matter’ is a lyrically playful piece that explores the power of reclaiming and remixing traditions. Themes: colonisation, queerness in the african diaspora, grief, ritual, afrofuturisum, belonging, spiritual inheritance and cultural cosmologyy. Animations – Gisela Mulindwa Choreography – Tinovambinashe Sibanda Lighting Design – Desharn Parar Stage Management – Molly Tackerberry Sound Design – Joe Browning Written and Performed by – Tatenda Naomi Matsvai Content warning: strong language, mentions of death