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It’s the middle of the long summer heatwave of 1976 with temperatures above 90 for 30 consecutive days. A Pie Factory in the Midlands. Workers sweating over a production line and a hot oven. The air thick with flour. The workers call it “The Dust”. It’s conflict at every turn.

Baking Hot photo on Stagedoor
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Wed 18 Mar - Sat 21 Mar, 7.30pm

Runtime: 1h 30m

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Workers v Bosses. Trade Unions and the 3-day week. A time of soaring inflation. Pilfering and fiddles are rife. Confrontation is in the air. A threat of strikes and the threat of unemployment. A new owner is driving up the Motorway for the crucial staff meeting after work. The future of the Factory is on the line. The tearoom is rife with worry, gossip and speculation. The Country has just voted to remain in the Common Market in a referendum. Harold Wilson has stepped down and a new PM called James Callaghan is in charge. The Tory party have just elected a woman leader called Thatcher. But nobody believes a woman could run the country. A shy lad has a holiday job before going to University. The big Factory clock is ticking……..