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Based on real events on the island of Tristan da Cunha.

Further than the Furthest Thing photo on Stagedoor
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Thu 9 Mar - Sat 29 Apr 2023, 2.30pm & 7.30pm

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A poetic family saga but one with strong political overtones, Zinnie Harris’ play returns after its Scottish and National Theatre premieres in 2000. It takes place on a remote South Atlantic island that bears a marked resemblance to Tristan du Cunha, which in 1961 was evacuated by the British government because of a volcanic eruption. The population was never allowed to return. Harris interrogates what happens when you are washed up somewhere that is not your home, when you are stripped of your culture and find yourself in a world that refuses to understand your accent or accept your beliefs. When a government refuses to let you return for its own reasons. It’s a beautiful play, but there is nothing romantic about this steely-eyed drama, which was ahead of its time and may look sharper still now.

About Further than the Furthest Thing

On a remote volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic, a community has lived undisturbed for centuries, defying the swirling currents of modernity and capitalism. Cut off and exposed to the elements, their survival has created a complex bind with their land. But when one of the inhabitants brings an outsider to the island, their way of life is changed forever. Jennifer Tang’s visionary interpretation of Zinnie Harris’s Award-winning modern classic is a story of a community haunted by its past and under threat from a modern world in crisis.